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Ellie Bremer

Ph.D., RN, FNP-C

with Ellie Bremer, Ph.D

Speaking Engagements 


Ellie is a nurse practitioner with over 30 years of experience in women and children’s health.  With a passion for research, she continues to pursue research opportunities to advance the science of women’s health in menopause. Ellie completed a doctoral program in nursing research at Virginia Commonwealth University and has published original research on anxiety in menopause and has authored the chapter on Mood and Cognition In: Geraghty P. (eds) Each Woman’s Menopause: An Evidence Based Resource. This book is part of the Springer Medicine eBook Collection, distributed to a wide range of institutions worldwide.  


Content and Structure

Based on my original research study findings, it was evident that menopause education for women is lacking and is crucial for successful navigation of this life event. I have developed several presentations to provide menopause education on some of the most popular requested topics. My presentations are completely customizable, and each session is roughly 30 minutes with time for Q&A.  Presentations can be done in person or remotely.


1: Menopause: Ready or Not

The aim of this presentation is to provide basic education on menopause, including symptoms and treatments with the goal that women will be armed with the knowledge to have an educated discussion with healthcare providers.


2: Men and Menopause

Men are very much affected by menopause, but many men know very little about it. This presentation discusses the physiologic changes that are taking place as women go through menopause and educates men on resulting symptoms.  The goal of this presentation is to provide men with the knowledge of what menopause is and how various symptoms can be treated, allowing them to provide support and be active participants in their partner’s treatment.


3: Menopause – Now What?

This presentation focuses on what women can do themselves (nonpharmacologic interventions) to help improve quality of life during their menopause journey. The main focus is on self-care.


4: Perimenopause: Already?

This presentation starts at the beginning and outlines the menopause trajectory. Recommended for women age 35 and up so that they can be aware of what they might expect before they enter perimenopause and menopause.


5. Bioidentical Hormones: I’m Confused

This presentation addresses the confusion surrounding bioidentical and compounded hormones.


“Thanks for this series.  It has been very beneficial.   I really appreciated the session today and last week."


“I literally cried…I am going through menopause and I have been feeling like I am going crazy. I cry all the time even when there is nothing wrong with me.”


“Again, thanks for these series.  It helps to know that I am not alone.”

What's next?

Contact me for additional information and for scheduling. These presentations are a great addition for your corporate wellness weeks, especially those focused on women’s health.  References available upon request.  

Recent Presentations:

October 2023 – Anxiety in Menopause … You're Not Crazy

World Menopause Day.jpg

July 2023 - Menopause: Now What

March 2023 Men and Menopause (Fiserv/Premise Health) Webinar

May 2022 - Women’s Health Series, “Menopause: Ready or Not” (Fiserv/Premise Health) Webinar.



We are excited to share an incredible accomplishment by one of our own team members, Ellie Bremer! Ellie is a nurse practitioner at the Capital One health center in Glen Allen, Virginia. She has authored a chapter on mood and cognition in a newly published book titled Each Woman’s Menopause: An Evidence-Based Resource. Ellie has a passion for research and pursuing opportunities to advance the science of women’s health in menopause. Congratulations, Ellie! We are so proud of you!

– Premise Health, the world's leading direct healthcare provider

"As the dedicated health and wellness coach, my corporate client and I decided to create a webinar series for our members to share much requested information on menopause education and support.

I was delighted to have an opportunity to partner with Dr. Bremer who is very knowledgeable and has published original research and is abreast of the latest menopause science .  Dr. Bremer is very passionate about empowering both men and women with the knowledge of what they can do to minimize symptoms associated with menopause and live well during this often-misunderstood stage of life.  Dr. Bremer has created several engaging and informative presentations for our client population.   Due to popular demand, we have already booked her for another program.  I look forward to working with her in the future on additional projects and can’t wait to share everything I have learned with my own friends and family."

– Gerryl Krilic, NBC-HWC  (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach,CDC Diabetes Prevention Program Coach, ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Coach)

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